Christianity from an Existential Perspective..


(Please note: Some of these articles were originally written on a blog, and may include references that make little sense independently.)

The Main Thesis:

- The Quiet Revolution: Part 1 (pdf!)
- The Quiet Revolution: Parts 2 & 3 (pdf!)
Christianity is an Existential Communication (pdf!)

Major Articles:

- A commentary on the epistle of James (pdf!)
Christian Pacifism (pdf!)
- The Good News (pdf!)
- My half-baked solution to the Problem of Evil (pdf!)
- Faith vs. Works: A meaningless Argument

Old Articles:

- Christianity is not important, but Christ is
- The Absurd Jesus: Faith Healer?
- The Real Golden Rule
- The New Commandment
- What is God to you? (fiction!)
- Abraham and Isaac
- The Problem of Evil: An Introduction
- The Catholic/Prostetant Split
Meaninglessness: Understanding the Problem


- The Journal of Seth Lovejoy
- What I was, What I am, What I will be:
         -  Hesitation
         -  A week that won't be remembered
         -  Entropy in reverse
- The Man (by guest writer James Jenkins)